Strap Template - Dynamic Grid System

1 - About

The dynamic grid system is the ability to change dynamically:

Since version 1.2

3 - Configuration

3.1 - Grid size

The default grid system of bootstrap is based on 12 columns and does not really allow any space for a second sidebar

strap supports a 16 columns grid.

To change the grid size, set the following configuration:

  • The gridColumns number to 16.
  • The Stylesheet to bootstrap.16col.min.css

Be careful

Strap is not controlling this values. If you choose a 16 grid with a bootstrap stylesheet of 12 columns, you may got unwanted behavior.

For the geek

The 16 columns stylesheet set:
  • the xl breakpoint from 1200px to 1280px.
  • the container max width for the xl breakpoint from 1140px to 1280px.

See ComboStrap UI - Breakpoints (Toggle size)

3.2 - Size of the sidebars

The sidebars (sidebar and sidekickbar) have now a fixed weight of 3 columns.

To be able to change this weight dynamically is planned for the version 1.3

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