Strap Template - Bootstrap

1 - About

bootstrap is the default UI stylesheet system used by the strap template.

Strap permits to easily change:

and even to create and add your own

3 - Management

3.1 - Use all Bootstrap utilities with the class attributes

ComboStrap mades the class attributes available and allows then to use all Bootstrap utilities.

Check the class article to know more about it.

3.2 - Stylesheet

ComboStrap comes with the standard Bootstrap stylesheet and several custom one. You can even create and install a custom one for your need.

See Strap Styling - StyleSheet

4 - Configuration

4.1 - version

You may change the used version with the bootstrapVersion configuration

Actually, there is two versions:

  • the 4.5.0
  • the 4.4.1

4.2 - stylesheet

The bootstrapStylesheet permits to dynamically choose the stylesheet.

See Strap Styling - StyleSheet

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