ComboStrap Page Metadata - The Metadata Viewer

1 - About

The ComboStrap Metadata Viewer is an utility that render a box with the page metadatas.

The box renders:

Since version 1.1

3 - Metadata tag

You can render the metadata of a page with the metadata tag

<metadata title="Metadata" exclude="tableofcontents|user"/>

  • title is the title of the box
  • exclude is an attribute with a regular expression pattern that permits to exclude metadata from rendering

Output without the table of contents and the user properties


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    • Abstract : The ComboStrap Metadata Viewer is showing you the page metadata while editing it
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  • Title : The ComboStrap Metadata Viewer
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4 - Configuration

4.1 - metadataViewerDefaultAttributes

This configuration set the default attributes of all metadata box.

By default, the value filters the table of contents.

title="Metadata" exclude="tableofcontents"

4.2 - enableMetadataViewerWhenEditing

This configuration tells if a metadata box should be shown while editing a page.

The default value is True