ComboStrap Page Metadata - Title


ComboStrap can manage the meta title of a web page.

A page's title may be a few words or a phrase (whereas a page's description might be a sentence or two or even a short paragraph.

This title will:


With Dokuwiki

For Dokuwiki,

With ComboStrap

The Strap template is mandatory or a template should take into account the title metadata.

With ComboStrap, if you set a title property with frontmatter, it will become the page title.


    "title":"Page title (Set by Combostrap)"


With the strap template, the website home page title is the Dokuwiki title with the website tagline

Search Engine Result Pages (SERP)

The title is used in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) (ie the results that you see when querying Google) where it appear in the first line of the results.

In the Google SEO start guide title section, Google recommends to create title that are:

  • Accurate (that describe the page's content)
  • Unique for each page * Brief but descriptive''
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