ComboStrap Site Metadata - Logo

1 - About

A logo is an image that illustrates your organization.

2 - Usage

2.1 - Metadata

Your logo is used as default illustration:

You can use your logo in the brand component of the top navigation bar with the icon component


<brand class="pt-0" title="ComboStrap Home" style="color:#075EBB">
<icon name="logo.svg" />
ComboStrap Beta

  • Result:

ComboStrap Beta

2.3 - Browser

The browser uses it as favicon.

To create and set your logo, you should follow the favicon getting started article.

4 - Order of precedence

ComboStrap searches a compliant logo in the following places by order of importance. This list uses the png format but the same order is used for others format such as svg

  1. :logo.png
  2. :wiki:logo.png
  3. :favicon-32×32.png
  4. :favicon-16×16.png
  5. :apple-touch-icon.png
  6. android-chrome-192×192.png
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