ComboStrap Page Metadata - Facebook Card

1 - About

Sharing a link will show on every facebook post a card thanks to the facebook social graph metadata added to each ComboStrap page.

Since version 1.12

3 - Preview

You can check the generated card before posting with the sharing debugger.

4 - List of metadata

The following metadata's are used in the card:

  • for the og:title: title if present otherwise h1, otherwise the page id.
  • for the og:description: description
  • for the og:image: the image. The image must be at minimum 200px by 200px (The card rendering uses 524×274) More see the Facebook Image documentation
  • for the og:type: the page type
  • for the og:locale: the locale - if the locale cannot be derived, we set the default Facebook value (en_US).
If the page is of the article type, we add also the article metadata

5 - Configuration

You can set the following configuration:

Name Description Default value
facebookDefautImage the default image if no page image was found :logo-facebook.png

6 - Documentation / Reference

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