ComboStrap Quality - Low Quality Page

1 - About

Low quality page are pages that have a really poor added value for readers.

This kind of page have this characteristics:

  • thin content - the number of words is really low
  • no internal link - they don't link to other page
  • no internal backlink - no other page links back to them
  • few edits - the content of the page has not been improved

Since version 1.11

3 - SEO impact and Protection

They have a real negative impact on your SEO score and should be avoid at all cost. ComboStrap has even developed a low quality page protection feature because you can get badly impacted by them.

For more information, see ComboStrap Quality - Low Quality Page Protection (LQPP)

4 - Definition

The definition of what a low quality page is, is an ongoing process and a really large and subjective SEO subject.

For ComboStrap, a low quality page is a page that does not pass the mandatory quality rules.

Because not page are redacted page, pages such as home page, landing page or contact page may not pass the mandatory rules. You can then take over and set manually the low quality indicator to false

5 - List

You can query them with the following SQL.

	json_extract(analytics,'$.quality.failed_mandatory_rules') as failed_rules,
	json_extract(analytics,'$.statistics.words_count') as words,
	json_extract(analytics,'$.statistics.internal_links_count') as internal_links,
	json_extract(analytics,'$.statistics.internal_backlinks_count') as internal_backlinks
json_extract(analytics, '$.quality.low') = true

6 - Analytics

Below are some analytical SQL that you can use to get more insight

    json_extract(analytics, '$.quality.low') as low,
group by

7 - Configuration

7.1 - Mandatory Rules

If one of the mandatory rules does not pass, the page will be considered a low quality page.

You can set mandatory rules in the mandatoryQualityRules configuration.

The default values are:

  • words_min,
  • internal_backlinks_min,
  • internal_links_min
If the low quality page protection is enabled, the page will then not be publicly visible.

7.2 - Low Quality Page Indicator

You can set manually the low quality indicator to false in the frontmatter



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