ComboStrap Getting Started - Creation of a top bar

1 - About

The strap template supports the creation of a dokuwiki page called headerbar in order to create a navigation bar at the top location of the page.

2 - Steps

  • Create a page called :headerbar (at the root directory of your pages)
  • Enter the below navbar example

If you have uploaded a icon in the Favicon step, a minimal headerbar with a navbar would look like:

<navbar breakpoint="md" align="center">
<brand title="My Brand">
<icon name="logo.svg" />
My Brand name
<group expand="true">
<dropdown name="ComboStrap Components">
[[ui:ui|UI Components]]
[[url:url|Url Management]]
<search class="mr-0 pr-0">

More … see the navbar article

3 - Next Steps