ComboStrap Getting Started - How to configure the Favicons

1 - About

This page is an HowTo that shows you how to choose and install a favicon and your logo image with ComboStrap.

2 - Steps

2.1 - Choose a icon

You can design a icon image but you can also choose one from a free icon repository

Example with:

  • Choose an icon

  • Download the Svg file and rename it to logo.svg

  • Go back in the Advanced Export and create a PNG with the biggest size

2.2 - Generate the favicons

2.3 - Upload the favicons

  • Then upload the below icon files with the media manager to the root location (ie DOKUWIKI_HOME/data/media/)
    • favicon.ico
    • favicon-32×32.png
    • favicon-16×16.png
    • apple-touch-icon.png
    • android-chrome-192×192.png (used in the manifest)


2.4 - Upload the logo.svg file

svg files are by default not permitted by Dokuwiki because they can include script, you therefore need to upload it directly to the computer to data/media from the dokuwiki installation directory.

To see where and how you can use your logo, see the logo page.

2.5 - Create the facebook default

facebook has a dimension constraint on the image illustration. The image should be at minimum 200px by 200px.

We recommend then that:

  • you create an image with your photo editor:
  • and upload it at the root of your media manager (next to the other logos)

The facebook page will tell your more about the specific of a facebook card.

2.6 - Verify

  • Refresh and delete the Browser cache by hitting the key combination
    • Ctrl + Shift + R - Chrome
    • or Ctrl + F5 - Firefox
  • Check that you see your favicon

2.7 - Next Step

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