ComboStrap - Metadata


The metadata manager permits to manage and set data for a page.

It's also known as:

  • web structured data
  • or semantic web.

The metadatas can be seen:


They below internal page metadata are used by ComboStrap:

  • canonical - an unique page identifier for the web
  • name - a short name for the page
  • title - an long name for the page
  • h1 - the first heading of the page
  • description - a summary of the page
  • page Type - the type of page (article, …)
  • image - the image illustrations
  • path - the path of the page with wiki separator (ie :namespace:page)
  • date_created - the creation date
  • date_modified: the modification date
  • date_published - the publication date
  • date_cache_expiration - the expiration date of the cache if any
  • country - the localized country
  • lang - the language of the page

They are also used in the semantic component explained in the next section.




To set your own data, you use the frontmatter.

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