ComboStrap - Cache


cache is a simple and great feature that enhances performance.

ComboStrap has two levels of cache:



All pages are cached until their content or any global configuration is changed.

If you need to delete the page cache at interval because your page contains time-based data, you can use the page cache component.

Side Slots

Side slots are special pages for the cache because they used heavily the index when they show navigational components and have then a great impact on the web server rendering time.

With the side slots automatic cache bursting, the only user impacted is the editor that is recreating the sidebar when he saves the page. And your reader or visitor will always benefit from this cache.

Action: If you have any ~~NOCACHE~~ instructions in your sidebar, just delete them.


For images, ComboStrap supports two caches:

Javascript and Css Library

With the infinite static cache functionality, all Javascript and Css Libraries are cached for an infinite amount of time.

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