ComboStrap Getting Started - Combo Installation


combo is a bundle of components that complements the strap template.

It contains:


Go to the Extension Manager

To install the Combo plugin:

  • Click on the Extension Manager link to go to the Extension Manager plugin.
  • Click on the Search and Install link to go to the Search tab

Install the SQLite extension

combo is saving its data in a sqlite database and therefore uses this extension.

  • Search for the term sqlite
  • Click on the install button.

Disable the already included extensions

If you have already one of this extension:

you need to disable them because they are already included in this installation.


  • Search the extension in the extension manager
  • And click the disable button (or uninstall)

The combo term was chosen for this reason. It's just a combo

Install the Combo extension

  • Search for the term Combo
  • Click on the install button.

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