ComboStrap CSS - Front End Optimization

1 - About

css optimization is a ComboStrap module that reduce the CSSoverhead when a public user is navigating the website and speeds therefore the page rendering.

3 - The goal

ComboStrap is build only around:

  • and web components (ie the CSS is embedded in the page only when the component is used).

As the BootStrap file is distributed worldwide thanks to the Content delivery network, it reaches the computer user really quickly.

Because we embrace the web component technology, we add to the page only the CSSneeded to render for each component to render.

The page speed is then completely dependent on where your server is located.

If you generate the pages statically and store them also from a Content delivery network, the speed is optimal.

4 - Optimization and Configuration

4.1 - Enable Minimization

Minimization reduce the size of the Dokuwiki CSSfile by removing the styling of backend plugin.

By default, this optimization is disabled.

You can enable it by changing the enableMinimalFrontEndCss configuration

4.2 - Disable the Dokuwiki Stylesheet

If your front-end is completely based on BootStrap, you may want to not include the Dokuwiki Stylesheet file entirely for anonymous user.

By default, this optimization is disabled.

You can enable it by changing the disableDokuwikiStylesheet configuration

For the geek

This optimization will delete from the front end page, the following HTMLheader

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/lib/exe/css.php?t=dokuwiki&tseed=xxxxxx">

4.3 - Enable Preload

preloadCss is a strap template configuration that enables Css preloading.

In short, the rendering of your page will be faster but the page rendering may flikkert if the network is slow.

Since version 1.2

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