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1 - About

This is a page that lists all releases with their respective changes for ComboStrap.

2 - Releases

2.1 - Version 1.12 - 2021-03-21

This is release that has started with a couple of request and ended big.

The most important features are:

  • the addition of the social module
  • the link component accepts now children component.

Check the below changes to know more about all of them:

  • webcode is now integrated in Combo. The code is taken from the calls because the regular expression for the update lexer mode was not catching the code when there was whitespace.
  • elevation - a new elevation level was added called high that elevates on all side of the box.
  • the disabling of preformated has been improved by not allowing this mode via the accept function of the syntax class.
  • the combostrap logo got a fix color to be able to embedded it via object.
  • the code element supports now the code export functionality of dokuwiki.
  • New component: accordion lets you lay out panel in a accordion fashion.
  • New syntax for tabs. The syntax of the tabs component was too complicated. We have deprecated the old syntax in favor of a new one based on panel. It brings the fact that accordion and tabs are the same navigational element on two differents layouts.
  • New skin for tabs called enclosed-tabs and enclosed-pills that will enclose the tabs within a border.
  • New syntax link element. The dokuwiki link element allows only text or image as description. This link component enhances the syntax and allows any component as description (icon for instance)
  • New button HTML generation. If a button has a link in its description, the HTML generated is a link with a button role. This corrects the XHTML compliancy problem and makes the button clickable on its whole surface.
  • New configuration to disable totally the dynamic quality monitoring feature.
  • Link Styling breaking change:
    • the dropdown link in the navbar got a active class. This was not right and was deleted. Unfortunately, it has an effect on the styling.
    • the dokuwiki class wikilink1 (existing page) and wikilink2 (not existing page) were adding extra styling rules that were incompatible with Bootstrap. They have been changed by new name but it's still possible to get them back with useDokuwikiLinkClassName configuration.
    • wikilink2 was changed with text-warning to show visually that the page does not exist
  • New Image page to show how to elevate an image
  • Bug: The bar pages are not anymore set as low quality page.
  • Twitter aware: ComboStrap pages are now twitter aware and renders in tweet as cards.
  • Facebook aware: ComboStrap pages are now facebook.
  • New: social page to concentrate on one page all the social features.
  • New Page Metadata - the page of an image used in card social illustration.
  • Improved: the frontmatter creates a link to debug quickly the json if there is any errors.
  • New: You can advertise your organization by creating an organization page.
  • New: Google Rich Result aware. The below rich results are created automatically if you set the type of page.
  • New: Late Publication Protection - Start writing a page now and publish it later.
  • New: For internal and debug purpose: The version of Combostrap is now available in a html meta generator tag and in the title of the footer link.
  • Bug: dropdown was not attributes aware. You can now add styling class to hide dropdown depending on the screen width.
  • New anchor. Every heading has now an anchor to help get a direct link.
  • New component: tweet to embed tweet in your pages.
  • New: Style and Javascript Dokuwiki independency: Combostrap does not depend anymore on Dokuwiki Style and Javascript engine. All component snippets are embedded individually on each page only when used.
  • New: Strap template, run first the page, then the bars to fill the HTML heads with all web component snippet (CSS, JS)

2.2 - Version 1.11 - 2021-02-02


2.3 - Version 1.10 - 2021-01-09


  • A link has now a transparent background by default to avoid getting a rectangle in the button with the bootswatch theme.
  • Section Highlighting of Dokuwiki has been replaced because it was moving the edit button around. We put now just a light background on hover.
  • Bug: No rewrite of the links when the page is moved. Combo takes over the links in the bootstrap component such as button, cite in order to set the Bootstrap style. Because the move plugin takes into account the standard dokuwiki link detection, they were not rewritten.

2.4 - Version 1.9 - 2020-10-31

The version 1.9 was a bug fix release.

  • Bug: A Dokuwiki table inside a tabpanel was giving wrongfully a warning.
  • Bug: The data-name attribute is used by illustrator to set layer information and was causing a problem in the icon component.
  • Bug: The failed state HTML element of the file uploader (ie the form in the media manager) was visible by default. A css rule was added to default it to none. commit
  • Bug: Ntoc, Related, cite - PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 98570240 bytes) in inc/Cache/CacheInstructions.php on line 44 -
    • The Dokuwiki function p_get_metadata can render and create a recursive call, we get the title now without rendering.
    • The handler call tree was returned as return argument of the handle function, we don't pass it anymore
  • Improvement: Expected Php warning does not appear anymore in the log (for instance when trying the decode a string as XML to see if it's an XML)

2.5 - Version 1.8 - 2020-09-03

The version 1.8 was a bug fix release.

  • Bug: sidekickbar configuration was missspeld to sideckickbar in place of sidekickbar
  • Bug: Check if the php sqlite extension is installed. When it was not installed, the SQLite Plugin returns a null value.
  • Bug: Navigational Toc was not rendering correctly sub-namespace due to a bad predicate, index page was not filtered due to a semi-colon, the directory were rendering as a page if there was no template and as it was cached, the result was not accurate if the namespace was showing a parent sidebar

2.6 - Version 1.7 - 2020-07-31

  • A dokuwiki heading title can now be used in a tabpanel
  • The namespace toc accepts now the definition of an index and ns-item to define a line for the index page and the sub-namespace
  • Every link in a component does not get the dokuwiki class (wikilink1) to get a consistent styling with bootstrap.
  • Links inside button inherit the color of its parent as bootstrap does not style a link inside a button
  • Added automatic cache bursting to delete the cache of the sidebar when an element has changed in a namespace in order to get a consistent output.

2.7 - Version 1.6 - 2020-07-30

  • The list component was added
  • The namespace toc component was added
  • The jQuery doku configuration permits to use the Dokuwiki jQuery bundle in order to add Jquery UI to the front end.
  • The tabs component was added

2.8 - Version 1.5 - 2020-07-25

  • Add the og:description meta in the meta description to support Facebook.
  • Bug: The section highlighting feature was:
    • not working
    • modifying the document making the edit button jump.
  • Bug: A canonical value cannot be uppercase
  • Bug: A cite element outside a component was giving an error because it had no parents
  • A border-color will add (if not present) default styling attributes to see a border. See Border-color
  • The Ads Module was added

2.9 - Version 1.4 - 2020-07-20

2.10 - Version 1.3 - 2020-07-15

2.11 - Version 1.2 - 2020-07-14

The version 1.2 is a big template improvement release:

2.12 - Version 1.1 - 2020-07-10

2.13 - Version 1.0 - 2020-07-04

First release.

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