ComboStrap Analytics - Page Statistics

1 - About

The ComboStrap Page Statistics are a list of page statistics that are available in the analytical data.

Since version 1.11

2 - Example Words Summary

For instance, if you want to get statistics over words, you could execute the below query.

	count(*) as page_count,
	round(avg(words)) as words_avg,
	sum(words) as words_count,
	max(words) as words_max,
	min(words) as words_min
		json_extract(analytics, '$.statistics.words') as words
		analytics is not null

And this is the result that we get on this website.

page_count words_avg words_count words_max words_min

3 - See

You can see them by having a look to the data of a page with the export URL. For instance, for this page, you could check them at the following URL

ComboStrap Analytics - Page Statistics

You would see the statistics below the statistics property:

"statistics": {
	"chars_count": 1919,
	"fixme": 0,
	"headers_count": {
		"h1": 1,
		"h2": 3
	"internal_backlinks_count": 5,
	"internal_links_count": 3,
	"internal_links_distance": {
		"avg": 0,
		"max": 0,
		"min": 0
	"word_section_count": {
		"avg": 75
	"words_count": 225

4 - Definition

  • authors the authors and their number of edits
  • edits_count: the number of edits
  • chars_count: the number of chars
  • fixme: the number of fixme present in the page
  • headers_count: the number of headers by level
  • internal_backlinks_count: the number of internal backlinks
  • internal_links_count: the number of internal links
  • internal_broken_links_count: the number of internal broken links
  • internal_links_distance: the distance of the internal links with the actual page. A value 2 would mean that you need to go in the directory structure:
    • down or up 2 times
    • or down one time and up one time
  • interwiki_links_count: the number of interwiki links (ie such as this one interwiki)
  • local_links_count: the number of local links (ie fragment link such as #id)
  • word_section_count: summary on words by section
  • words_count: the number of words.
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