ComboStrap Analytics - Process

1 - About

The analytics process is the process that creates the analytical data and this page gives more insight about this process.

3 - Update

Because this is a intensive process, it happens slowly:

  • for every page visited
  • or for every page that gains or lost backlinks.

And the output is cached.

If you want to update all pages in batch, you can do it with the cli on the server.

4 - Cache

To purge the analytical cache, you can:

  • run the cli
  • do it manually for one page by adding the following query ?do=export_combo_analytics&purge=true. See the dokuwiki doc
  • modifying a configuration forth and back. The update of the configuration file purges the current cache.

5 - Cli

On the server, you can update the analytical data with the following command

./bin/plugin.php combo analytics

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